About VAR Mastermind

The Mastermind Group Dedicated to the IT Industry

What is VAR Mastermind?

VAR Mastermind is a limited, private and confidential peer-to-peer group that is composed of 10 like-minded and similar-size VARs or MSPs. There are approximately 6 professional business coaches assigned to each group for the duration of the membership period. They will guide the entire process and ensure that the results are successful. Coaches are assigned based on the topics of most interest to the group.

Based on the membership level, the members will receive a set of virtual, live and one-on-one coaching sessions. The mission is to help each member grow their business by 30% within the first year. Our coaches will be pushing and supporting the group to reach this goal.

VAR Mastermind is not the right fit for everyone and not everyone can be a member. Each member application has a personal interview process to ensure the right fit to the target group. Members are approved based on geographical target markets, number of employees and goals. It is mission critical that like-minded companies are grouped together for maximum success. VARs and MSPs have a choice to be members of a group with non-competing peers from within their region, country or internationally. Groups are for VARs and MSPs under 5 employees, 6 to 20 employees, 20 to 50 employees and 51 and more employees.

Once you commit to a group level, you cannot change until the year is completed or the entire group decided to upgrade. We reserve the right to expel or move any member from any group if we deem that they are not a good fit for any reason. All details will be discussed with you during the interview process.

We are constantly accepting applications and sorting them based on the criteria for upcoming groups. When we reach the 10 spots for the target region, we will notify each applicant to confirm their membership. Once confirmed, we will do one virtual or physical meeting between the group of 10 members so everyone gets a chance to meet and greet. At this stage, we will provide a complete written schedule of the entire program for the year. We will also discuss the various options and get the approval of the group.

Each membership commitment is for one year that is renewable year over year. Each year can focus on a different set of topics. Members who outgrow their group in terms of size may choose to shift into a new group of similar-size members in the following years. The VAR Mastermind group Team Leader and assigned Coaches will be available to support the group throughout the term of the membership period. Think of them as your personal “Board of Business Advisors” with only one goal in mind…To help you grow your business successfully.

The Coach's success is measured purely on their results to help you grow your business. Nothing that is learned about any group member, by anyone in attendance will ever be revealed by anyone for any reason whatsoever. Everything that is done or said within the group stays within this group. Period. Everyone will be singing a non-disclosure at the beginning of the first meeting and it will be strictly enforced. End-user customer names are never mentioned within the group discussions.