What is a Mastermind Group?

The Mastermind Group Dedicated to the IT Industry

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What is VAR Mastermind?

The word MasterMind was coined by Napoleon Hill and made popular in his 1937 Book Think and Grow Rich.  For many, this is a must read which develops 13 principles to success, of which the most important is the 9th step, the power of the Master Mind. The concept of a MasterMind goes much further back throughout history. American presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, and Warren G. Harding were among some of the men who would surround themselves with peers that helped them shoulder the responsibility of running the country.  Andrew Carnegie, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford as well as modern examples such as Bill Gates were part of groups that spurred on their success. Writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien, and CS Lewis were benefited from the feedback of other writers to complete their body of work.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

A MasterMind is a group of of dedicated individuals, usually 5-10 with the common goal of improving themselves and their business.  They meet regularly and benefit from peer-to-peer support, accountability and goal setting.

A MasterMind group if NOT for you if you are:

  • not willing to fully lean in and participate
  • not willing to be vulnerable and honest
  • a negative or deeply sarcastic person
  • not able to commit to attending meetings

A MasterMind group is for you if you are:

  • looking to surround yourself with highly motivated people
  • able to accept help and learn from the mistakes of others
  • looking to reinforce positive steps with accountability
  • willing to invest in yourself

 The HOT Seat

One of the most powerful tools in a MasterMind group is the Hot seat.  The Hot Seat is when a member is given the FOCUS from the collective experience of the group to solve a specific and immediate issue that will be of utmost benefit to them.  In this structured environment, the Hot Seat participant will receive definite steps, expertise, resources and even encouragement to move forward.  An interesting side effect of the Hot Seat is that everyone usually is able to get something from the discussion that they can apply to their own situation.


What would be the difference if you wanted to lose 20 pounds but told no one of this goal, versus having 10 friends each chip in $100 to a prize that you would receive if you achieve your goal?  I’m sure you would find a way, if there was $1,000 on the line!  Accountability before your peers is just as powerful as a reward.  This accountability will help you keep moving towards your goals with more power then you thought you had.

Feedback and the power of an honest NO

I was at an event where Robert Herjavec was telling the story of a pitch on Shark Tank of an airtight ball that he crawled into.  As he is bouncing around, he is finding it hard to breathe, to which the lady states that it’s completely airtight.  She then goes on to mention another benefit, the fact that you can’t open it from the inside.  That way, when you are on the water, you won’t accidentally open it and drown.  It wasn’t until Robert pointed out the scenario where your friend zips you up, only to go back inside, have a few beers and fall asleep…  Two years and $65,000 went into this project at that point. He asked her after the show if she had asked anyone if this was a good idea.  She said she asked all her friends and family and they all said yes.  Getting feedback from friends and family will not give you honest, sometimes brutal truth.  How much time and money could have been saved if that product was put under the examination of a MasterMind group? In a MasterMind group, you will get honest, yet respectful feedback.  While great ideas will be encouraged, bad ideas will be exposed.  In some cases, a simple course correction might make the difference between success and failure, while for others, giving up on a bad idea might be the best thing that happens to you!

Commitment to Help

“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”

There is something incredibly rewarding when you are able to help someone solve an issue or give them feedback that truly changes their lives.  That is why I turned to business coaching, but within a MasterMind group, the benefits come full circle.  The business and personal clarity I personally benefited from being in a MasterMind group truly changed my life for the better.  It was a MasterMind that empowered me to move to Mexico with my family and run my business from paradise for 5 years.  It was a MasterMind that helped me tweak my business so I could sell it.  It was a MasterMind that revealed what truly makes me fulfilled, and gave me the courage to leap forward in my pursuit for what I truly want to do in life. Discover the power of a MasterMind group and open yourself to a fellowship of incredible individuals whose combined experience will allow you to leap past your competitors.